Unity Christmas Tree Scene

Friday, December 24, 2010

Watch it on YouTube here.
I modeled this scene in Blender, imported it to Unity, light mapped it with beast, added occlusion culling and then ported it to the iPad. I am pleased to say that it gets a very high frame rate on the iPad.

iPad functionality includes: swipe finger to rotate the scene left or right. Touch on an area of interest to zoom in. Tilt the iPad up, down, left or right to do a smooth look in that direction. Pinch fingers together to zoom back out to the original point of view. Clicking on the end table reveals a Christmas card in the drawer.

I did not use any tween libraries for any of this functionality. I wanted to keep it very light for the iPad, so instead I used Unity's linear interpolation functions to calculate the distance for each movement. I wrote all the functionality in C#, as always.

This was created for my wife as a Christmas card on the iPad. Merry Christmas!


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